lundi 8 avril 2013

Ce qu'ils disent du français et des Québécois...

Il faut admirer les efforts de Graham Fraser, Commissaire fédéral aux langues officielles, quand il tente de convaincre les Anglo-Canadiens de l'attrait et de l'utilité du français. Et même si je ne doute pas qu'il rejoigne un auditoire comptant de nombreux francophiles, il me semble que les réactions sont de plus en plus souvent négatives et carrément haineuses.

À preuve le lettre qu'il a signée dans le Globe and Mail de Toronto, ce matin, intitulée « In  Canada, French is a language of ambition, not decline » (). Cette lettre a suscité environ 150 commentaires durant la journée. Et n'oublions pas de rappeler que le Globe est le journal pancanadien le plus prestigieux, lu par l'élite anglo-canadienne...

Voici un échantillon de commentaires (les soulignés sont de moi) :

over the past 40 years, various Quebecois separatist governments have succeeded in erasing the English fact in that province...

Notwithstanding the rest of Canada has spent decades and countless billions accommodating Quebec financially and linguistically, it has prohibited its minions from communicating in English.

4 million Quebeckers can't speak English? That's pathetic and a clear indictment of that province's broken education system...

I think English speaking Canada's disregard for Quebec has been a direct response to the separatists and English hating communities that Quebec breeds. 

I hear Spanish spoken a lot more in Calgary then French. 

Graham Fraser has to say that. It's his job. Doubt if he actually believes it. Not many do.

I have not encouraged by kids to pursue French beyond high school. I dont believe they will need it to succeed.

in Quebec they teach immigrant-french-students about the nation Quebec and play France's anthem. Sad but true.

French is the new Latin. Better to learn Spanish or Mandarin.

The French dictatorial regime in Québec does not give a positive impression to the rest of the world.

* But I'd like to see the English language as respected in Quebec as French is in the rest of Canada. (celle-là est une des meilleures...)

Mr. Fraser, as official language commissioner, what are you doing to protect the English language minority in Quebec from the ethnic cleansing project they have been subjected to? 

Four million Quebeckers who cannot speak English is a great shame for Quebec and its loss.

* If only the Quebecois would learn to speak something that the rest of the world understands as French -- instead of their incomprehensible Asterix dialect...

* The French language is clearly becoming less relevant in this country, and is gradually being supplanted by Mandarin, Cantonese and various Middle Eastern and East Indian languages.

Assez ! J'abandonne...

Si ça c'est un échantillon de l'élite modérée, imaginez ce que pensent les vrais rednecks...

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